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Who can be an art therapist? 

HART's art therapists are individuals trained and qualified at the university: professionals with university diploma (univ. spec. art. therap) or specialists of art therapy in residence that are under supervision.  They work with clients in different settings (medical institutions, schools, wellness centers to independent practices).    

How to schedule an art therapy session?  Search our database below to find an art therapist near you.  You can schedule an appointment by either sending an email directly or making a phone call to the chosen art therapist.

What kind of services an art therapist offers? 

Find my Art Therapist

Art Therapists (
(specijalisti art terapije)

Art therapists in residence (specijalizanti art terapije)

Students of Art Therapy (Creative Studies - Postgraduate Program) 

Note: on our website, profiles are published by members of HART who wish to do so. Membership in HART is not mandatory. All members of HART presented on our website independently manage their profiles and are personally responsible for the accuracy of the information they provide in their profile.  Members are also personally responsible for ensuring that their work is in compliance with current laws.

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