current president of hart,
former vice president of hart

Mia Janković Shentser, Mag.Art.Edu,Univ.Spec.Art.Therap

+385 91 5602 422

+972 55 66 48 095

Mia is one of the founders and a current President of the Croatian Art therapy Association, HART.

she has a MA in art education and art therapy, she graduated from the academy of fine arts in Zagreb and is an active visual artist.

In 2021 she acquired a certificate in trauma treatment in Instinctual Trauma Response (11.5 CE) and certificates in Collective trauma healing in expressive art therapies (15 CE). 

In 2020. she finished the education in "Resilience in crisis", Sveučilište Ben Gurion, Izrael; "Neurology 1,2 & 3", HardvardEx online 

She is the editor of the Creative therapy rubric in Artos journal for science and culture of Osijek Academy of Art and Culture.

She has worked with the mentally ill (in psychiatric Clinic Vrapče, Croatia, and Medical Center Herzog, Israel), youth with behavioral disorders (in Home for Children without adequate parental care, Croatia), Holocaust survivors (Cafe Europa organization for social and mental care of Holocaust survivors of Europe), elderly (Beit Hoffman, Beit Yechudit), youth with intellectual disabilities (High School for special education, Croatia), children with autism, youth with eating disorders, and a wide population of not previously diagnosed persons.

She has created an event for the promotion of art therapeutic group activities with a goal to reach citizens and share the benefit of art therapy. Little festival of art therapy has been active three years in a row in Osijek and Đakovo museums.


Working with art therapeutic groups and individuals online through HART organization, and FtF when possible, her therapeutic direction is humanistic, client-oriented, with a wide understanding of mind and body balancing.

Her articles and researches in the area of art therapy have been published in Artos, a journal for science and art, and Socijalne teme journal for social and related science. She has presented on art therapy in George Washington University, Art Therapy program, Washington, D.C., at the AATA Conference in Miami, and CEPAMET congress on Depression in the century of mind, in Zagreb.


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