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Art Therapy education in Croatia and the region is exclusively organized to the highest professional standards by the Academy of Art and Culture in Osijek, in collaboration with the Faculty of Medicine in Osijek, the Clinical Hospital Osijek, and the Psychiatric Hospital Sv. John in Jankomir, Zagreb. Program is further enriched by the participation of lecturers from the USA, providing a diverse and globally informed educational experience. to ensure a well-rounded and rigorous educational experience. 

According to the Croatian Qualifications Framework (HKO), the postmaster specialist study program education level is 7.2.

Education Program

The education program guides individuals on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth, preparing them to assist clients as art therapists by integrating experiential learning, exams, clinical practice, and supervision into their professional approach. 


Partnerships are crucial for art therapy education as they bring diverse expertise, resources, and practical experiences, enriching the learning environment.

Education Standards

Education standards in art therapy are crucial to ensure a consistent and high-quality level of training, promoting ethical practices and proficiency in the field. 

The development of Art Therapy in Croatia is evident through the presence of different generations of art therapists, showcasing the field's growth, diversity, and ongoing evolution within the region.


Note: the above provides an overview of information on education for art therapists. For details and current information regarding the organization of education, legal matters, partnerships and other questions, please check directly with the organizer of the educational program (The Academy of Art and Culture in Osijek).



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