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jasmina 2_edited.jpg Jasmina Pacek
(univ. spec. art. therap.)

+385 (0)90 2345010 
Studio: Osijek 
Online sessions: available
Language: Croatian, English


Prof.dr.  Jasmina Pacek is an Croatian-American artist and art therapist, currently living in Croatia. Dr.Pack is a  Full Professor at The Academy of Arts and Culture in Osijek, Croatia where she teaches both applied arts and art therapy classes.


Dr. Pacek completed her undergraduate studies in Textile Design at the National College of Art and Design in Dublin, Ireland, earned her master's degree at the University of California in the United States, and obtained her doctorate at the University of J.J. Strossmayer in collaboration with Rider University in Princeton, USA. She qualified as a university specialist in art therapy through the Postmaster University Study of Creative Therapy, specializing in art therapy, conducted by the Academy of Arts and Culture and the School of Medicine in Osijek in collaboration with George Washington University, USA.

As Vice Dean for Curriculum Development  at The Academy of Arts and Culture in Osijek, Croatia, Dr.Pacek was lead author of the first academic program for Arts Therapies in Croatia: Postgraduate Specialty Study of Arts Therapies, with single module specializations in Art therapy, Music Therapy, Drama Therapy and Dance Movement Therapy. Today she is a coordinator of Art Therapy specialization program. She was one of the founders of HART, the Croatian Association for Art Therapy and is currently a board member.

Her therapeutic work with clients includes: war veterans suffering from PTSD, and their family members; civilian victims of war, other trauma survivors, adolescents with behavioral disorders, adolescents and adults with eating disorders, children with developmental disabilities, family therapy, as well as applying the specific advantages of art therapy in personal therapy of therapists of various other disciplines. Dr. Pacek also explores application of art therapy in the academic education of applied artists.

Prior to becoming an art therapist Dr. Pacek worked as a designer, art director, and design director, mostly in the United States, she received numerous awards for her work in both USA and Croatia.  She still  actively exhibits and has opened a solo exhibition titled "Movements" at the Ulika Gallery in Bale in 2023, where she combines her skills as a textile designer, art therapist, sensory-motor expression athlete, and, at times, incorporates personal themes. In 2022, her work was selected for a national group  exhibition organized for ULUPUH members with the theme of touch.

Dr.Pacek presents at conferences internationally and she works intensively on the international visibility of Croatian art therapy  program, presenting at international gatherings such as "The American Art therapy Association's 49th Annual Conference", Miami, FL, USA, with the presentation "Creating an Art Therapy Training Program in Croatia: Cultural and Ethical Pitfalls and Successes" and "Using Ancient Cultural Traditions in Developing Contemporary Croatian Art Therapy" at George Washington University, Washington D.C., USA.

She also works to sensitize the public in the Republic of Croatia about  professions of art therapists, drama therapists, music therapists and movement and dance therapists, presenting at conferences such as:

-the "Interventional Support Program Conference for Children, Youth and Families" Breza Association;

-Symposium with international participation "Integrative Approach in Psychiatry", Clinic of Psychiatry, Institute of Integrative Psychiatry and Faculty of Medicine in Osijek, Croatia;

-"Creative Therapies and Neurorehabilitation: Art Therapy, Music Therapy, Drama Therapy and Movement and Dance Therapy”, paper presentation, panel discussion at "7. Croatian Congress of Neurorehabilitation and Restorative Neurology", with international activities organized by the Croatian Association for Neurorehabilitation and Restorative Neurology, Clinic for Neurology, KBC Osijek, Faculty of Medicine in Osijek and the Croatian Neurological Society, Croatia;

-"Application Of Art Therapy Techniques in Working with Adolescents in Group and Individual Therapy", paper presentation at International scientific professional conference "4-One (For One) - Children and Youth at Risk of Behavioral Problems" Organization: Office for NGOs of the Government of the Republic of Croatia, Swiss-Croatian Cooperation Program, Osijek-Barany County, Croatia.


Croatian Art Therapy Association (HART)

European Federation of Art Therapy (EFAT)

Eco Art Therapy Special Interest Group within EFAT

Croatian Association of Applied Artist (ULUPUH)

European Consortium of Arts  Therapies Education (ECARTE)

Coalition of Art Therapy Educators

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