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Jasminka Bukvić
MD, Family Physician, MFA

+385 98 48 49 69

Studio: Zagreb 
Online sessions: available under supervision
Language: Croatian, English


Jasminka Bukvić, MD, MFA is a family physician. She received a medical degree and her love for fine art inspired her to obtain a Master's degree in Fine Art. Dr. Bukvić's over 30 years in family medicine have included emergency medicine and children's health care. She provides treatment for acute and chronic conditions, for all patients from newborn to older adults. She teaches at Medical School for Nurses and Physiotherapists.

She is currently completing a Postgraduate Education in art therapy from The Academy of Arts and Culture and The School of Medicine of the Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek in collaboration with George Washington University (USA).

She has a keen interest in exploring and addressing burnout topics, particularly delving into the complexities of work-related stress within the context of art therapy. Her focus involves understanding the intricate interplay between artistic expression and the challenges individuals face in professional settings, aiming to provide therapeutic interventions that not only alleviate burnout but also foster resilience and well-being. 


Croatian Art Therapy Association (HART)

Croatian Medical Chamber (HLK)

Croatian Coordination of Family Physicians (KoHOM)

Croatian Catholic Medical Society (HKLD)

Croatian Association of Artists Zagreb (HDLU Zagreb)

jasminka u boji_edited_edited_edited_edi

Jasminka Bukvić
Dr. med., spec. obiteljske medicine
mag. art.

+385 98 48 49 69

Studio: Zagreb
Online sesije: da, uz superviziju 
Jezik: hrvatski, engleski 


Jasminka Bukvić ...


  • Hrvatska udruga art terapeuta (HART)

  • Hrvatska liječnička komora (HLK)

  • Koordinacija obiteljskih liječnika Hrvatske (KoHOM)

  • Hrvatsko katoličko liječničko društvo (HKLD)

  • Hrvatsko društvo likovnih umjetnika Zagreb (HDLU Zagreb)

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