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The education for art therapists at UAOS is designed according to the highest professional standards, following the curricula of the University of George Washington (USA) and the University of Derby (UK). In addition to theoretical and
practical lectures, students undergo about 40 exams (120 ECTS) where they elaborate on the learned theoretical knowledge and its practical application in working with clients. In addition, students conduce clinical practice with clients under the supervision of experienced supervisors, and students gain practical experience in various institutions. Some of the institutions where practice has been conducted are here: 

Standard education for art therapists includes, but is not limited to, the following
minimum requirements:

1. Experiential learning in a group through contact classes 610 hours in total

-460 hours of experiential learning in a group (artistic subjects, medical subjects,
mandatory therapeutic subjects, elective therapeutic subjects)
-120 hours of therapeutic experience through group work with art therapists.
-30 hours of therapeutic group experience: training groups 1, 2, 3, 4 (with experienced

2. Clinical practice with clients: recommended minimum of 360 hours

3. Supervision: the recommended minimum number of hours is 120 with different
populations (out of total offered, 400 hours of supervision)

4. Other independent student work: 1035 hours (taking 40 exams over 4 semesters)

5. Final project/scientific research: 200 hours

● 80 contact hours of classes (4 th semester)
● 120 hours of independent work (5th and 6 th semester)

TOTAL EDUCATION: minimum 2325 hours

In addition to the mentioned obligations, it is recommended for art therapy students
to undergo personal therapy minimum 80 hours.

Note: the above provides an overview of information on education for art therapists. For details and current information regarding the organization of education, legal matters, and other questions, please check directly with the organizer of the educational program (The Academy of Art and Culture in Osijek).

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