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art therapeutic retreat
Making peace with the passing of time
Old age anxiety oriented group

In the time of fashionable beauty and youth concept of life we are asked to take more attention to honor the life and its phases with a wise eye of witness. Heraclitus taught us that „there is nothing permanent except change“, and that „you cannot step into the same river twice, you also are and are not“. The passing of time is inevitable and the connection with nature is our great partner in this beautiful journey of acceptance, filled with joy and purpose, this journey called - life.

You are invited to connect yourself to the eternal tides of the universe, seek the answers on your own questions and attitudes and take a meaningful step towards more fulfilled, resolved and essentially calm life as you create it. You are invited to accept your true being, pursue the quest for meaning and what really matters to you and have freedom and responsibility to do exactly that. You are invited to develop the balance of life and the resilience to cope with whatever comes your way. You are invited to listen to your soul's whisper.

Mark Twain said: „the two most important days are the day you are born and the other the day you find out why.“

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