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Transfer Vol 1
Theme: Beginnings
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The first issue of Transfer, a journal dedicated to art therapy and mental health, was published in December 2023. For the first time, art therapists in Croatia and internationally will be able to communicate their knowledge and experience. 

We are opening a new communication channel among mental health professionals to enhance the quality of services, foster a better understanding between professions, and facilitate the sharing of knowledge and experiences. This issue explores and presents art therapy from different perspectives. Its goal is to promote art therapy and its better understanding in the public eye and among professionals. It offers a multifaceted glance at art therapy as a profession, as clinical therapy, and as a science. As we are looking at art therapy grow in Croatia, we are proud to present Judith Rubin's insights into the origins and evolution of art therapy,  explore the professional journey of an art therapist, examine the role of art therapy in the educational system, and consider the possibility of integrating art therapy into schools. Learn about working on trauma using an art therapy protocol, transforming traditional techniques into art therapy protocols, utilizing animation in addressing war trauma with children and youth, and adopting expressive therapy techniques for self-improvement during challenging periods.

Enjoy every row, and let us know what you think!


Mia Janković Shentser, editor-in-chief

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